Vikasa, First Impressions

After roughing it in Cambodia for one month, frequently changing accommodation, acclimating myself to new cities, new foods and new people, it was nice knowing I would soon have it easy for some time.  Over a year and a half ago I stumbled across Vikasa Yoga an up-and-coming (at the time) yoga retreat center on Koh Samui Thailand.  I had always considered completing a yoga teacher training course so I decided to go for it and book a month in paradise.  I meant to write this post after my first impressions but I got lazy and what do you know I’m now on week number 3 of my stay.  I can at least provide you with a picture of my first view, one that I’ll never get sick of.


Aside from doing yoga and learning loads of information about anatomy, philosophy I wasn’t really sure what to expect throughout this whole thing.  It was definitely nice to not have to worry about where I’d be sleeping, how I would get to my next destination or what I would do each day but I also had a slight worry of getting bored.

I was slightly surprised and a little disappointed by the size of our class at 38 students, but I was looking forward to the diversity it provided. (Trying to look at the positives of the situation here).  On our second day we did introductions and it was amazing how we had “The whole world in one room” as our teacher George phrased it.  I’m not sure I can remember them all but we have students from: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Russia, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Argentina and The US, pretty cool if you ask me.

tea ceremony

The first week of classes were up and down in both difficulty and energy.  Although I was getting into a daily yoga practice before I left Korea my month in Cambodia threw me off a bit so I had to readjust to the intensity level.  Our practices were scheduled for early morning (8am) and evening (5pm) with meals to follow, this was great for letting us practice on an empty stomach but not great on those of us used to “grazing” throughout the day, but I adjusted. Between classes we also had a two hour time block from 12-2 which was used for lectures, Asana, Teaching, Anatomy, Philosophy and Nutrition.  I completely understand the logic behind the schedule but I have to say the lecture after brunch left many of us fighting against heavy eyelids and boredom.  Thankfully the lectures did a pretty good job of keeping our attention, oh and not to mention lecture was in the Yoga sala which meant many of us lying down, again very conducive to sleep.

Despite some minor adjustments to my schedule and having to adapt to their schedule I think this month will be  a blast. Actually I’m cheating because I started this in the first week but am finishing it in the third, you’ll have to keep reading to see if that’s the truth or not though.

Here’s to hoping that coming to Vikasa was the right decision for me to make, but again, with a view like this:


How could it not be?


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